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How Does It Work?

Your Pet Gets Lost...
Shortly, after your pet is found, the SMARTPetTag is scanned by the finder with the QR code using his SMART PHONE. (See below for info on toll-free number)

Immediately YOU, the owner, are notified via a text message that your pet's SMARTPetTag has been scanned.

A system phone call will be made to you, the pet owner, and will auto connect you to the finder of your pet.

If you are unavailable the system will leave you a voice mail with the finder's telephone number.
The system will then attempt to call all numbers you have setup in the alert device profile. You can have up to six phone numbers linked to your pet's SMARTPetTag.

While the finder waits for your arrival, he will be receiving your pet's information sheet, including breed, characteristics, medical conditions, veterinarian information and license information.

Both the finder and the owner make contact and the pet is safely returned to its owner.
But wait you ask, "What's a QR Code?", "What's a SMARTPHONE?", "What if I don’t have a SMARTPHONE".....
Problem Solved!! We have included a toll free number on the front of the tag that can be used to call in. Once the finder calls the toll free number (1-877-787-1006) they are prompted to enter your pet's ID# found on the back of the SMARTPetTag. After the finder enters the number the call will auto connect the finder with YOU (the pet owner), still keeping YOUR personal information private.
YOU and the finder make arrangements to connect and your pet is safely returned to its home.