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How To Get Started?

Follow The Simple Steps Below, Learn How To Protect Your Pet And Personal Privacy.
Protect your pet with a SMARTPetTag by purchasing one here.
After you have purchased your SMARTPetTag, expect it to arrive in the mail within 5 to 7 days. Upon delivery, you will find registration instructions along with a registration key. Don't lose this key, it is needed to register and fully activate your SMARTPetTag.
Register and create your contact information and pet profile.
You may create up to 6 alert profiles in case you cannot be reached or are out of town. This information may be updated as often as you like. Your privacy is completely protected because the finder of your pet only has access to your pet's information.
Attatch the SMARTPetTag to your pets existing collar with the included key ring. The SMARTPetTag uses the information you setup in your profile to contact you about your lost pet.