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Features / Benefits of the SMARTPetTag

Current Benefits/Feature Set

  • Your personal information (phone, address, name) is completely hidden through the modern technology of SMARTPetTag. The system provides the finder only with information about your pet such as breed, age, medical conditions, vet information, license info, and pet characteristics.
  • If your phone number or address changes you can simply go to the website and update your new information.
  • Works by either scanning the QR code on the SMARTPetTag or by calling the 1-877-787-1006 number on the front of the tag.
  • Instant SMS (TEXT MESSINGING) message with finders phone and GPS information.
  • Unlike a traditional Pet Tag, where space is limited, you can have up to 6 alert phone numbers connected to your SMARTPetTag.
  • 24/7 unlimited access to make changes to your profile information.
  • The last Pet Tag you will need to purchase.

"Protect You Pet, Protect Your Privacy."

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