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SMARTPetTag - Pet Notification System

1 out of 3
will get lost during their lifetime.

1 out of 10
Have old information on their tag.
Don't let your pet become another statistic.

SMARTPetTag is a revolutionary pet recovery technology which allows pet owners to locate and recover their missing pets, while keeping their personal information private (i.e. your phone number, address, etc.) Alert up to six friends or family members via text message or a phone call that your pet is missing.

The SMARTPetTag will be the last pet tag you will ever buy. The SMARTPetTag is the only pet tag with built-in Text messaging and alert phone calls.

SMARTPetTag gives you (the owner) complete control of all the information about your pet, you create and maintain your pets information on the database and can update this information as often as you want with just a few clicks.

The use of multiple technologies within the SMARTPetTag provides the pet finder the ability to instantly connect with the pet owner, by either scanning the QR Code or by calling toll-free 1-877-787-1006. "Protect Your Pet. Protect Your Privacy."

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***This is a sample tag, the QR Code is not active.

Other Tag Styles and Colors Available.
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Create your pet profile adding information the pet finder will have access to see. This information includes name, age, breed, photo, pet charactistics and much more.

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Link up to 6 phones or SMS enabled devices to a single SMARTPetTag.
Update your SMARTPetTag when your number changes or add new contacts to the alert profile of the tag using the web-based management tools.

Some pets are implanted with a microchip, which are electronic RFID devices inserted under the pet's skin that carry electronic information about the pet and the owner of the pet. However, many people are not aware of microchipping, and because microchips are not visible on the pet, the pet finder may not know to look for one. Furthermore, most microchipping systems are proprietary, such that certain microchips can only be read by corresponding microchip scanning guns. Veterinary offices sometimes have one or several of the microchip scanning guns, but a lost pet may or may not have a microchip that can be scanned by the particular veterinarian to whom the pet finder takes the pet. Furthermore, the microchip corresponds to a database entry and merely provides access to the pet owner's phone number. The pet finder, or veterinarian, must still call the pet owner, making the pet owner's number public and visible.
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